Meet Serena

Companion Building© is a quantum healing technique that Serena formulated by using her own healing journey as a template. The aim of this technique is to help one become their own guide, companion and greatest source of support throughout their personal healing journey.

Her own healing was the result of her ability to climb out of subconscious patterning and access conscious decision making through the rewriting of her subconscious mind.

She did this largely through familiarizing her body and energy field with positivity and love, making these familiar instead of foreign and changing her point of resonance.

The depth of her journey and circumstances enabled Serena to tap into a level of healing perspective and mindset that can be applied to any situation.

Serena can meet people at any level. Whether they are in their absolute most unbearable moment of need, on the brink of giving up and can’t take one step forward, or are just wanting to level up from great circumstances to even better ones Companion Building can help.


My Message To You


In regards to tragedy, abuse and trauma on the personal or global levels it is never ok that any of it has happened to us. Since we cannot change the reality of our circumstances, we can instead make a radical leap into healing by shifting our perspective and reclaiming our strength out of tragedy.

We can shift into a mindset of seeing and knowing that the experience of such tragedy can only make us better. This shifts us into an empowered state. Once that initial shift has occurred, life will go any distance to support our healing process.

I reached a major turning point in my healing, when I started to authentically embody this empowered perspective. I began working with adversity and circumstance, and developed the ability to use hardship to propel myself into further growth and expansion.

I only found the safety, strength, courage and confidence to adapt this mindset by first becoming my own greatest companion. It truly is a dance— of cultivating enough love and safety, to find the confidence, to notice and consciously claim our invincibility. We never stop growing. Embodying this perspective is a choice I must continue to make everyday.

Once I glimpsed how deeply and positively I was being transformed, by being my companion while in the fire of adversity, I couldn't help but thank the adversity, circumstances and feelings for instigating such obvious and palpable growth.

I began telling myself that I would use every thought, feeling, experience, circumstance, unexpected event, trauma, attack, change, environment, person, encounter and relationship that came my way, as a catalyst to make me better.

I thanked each of these examples for their purpose of transforming me into my next highest level. Over time, I realized that it was my unwavering love and supportive relationship with my own self that enabled me to embody such a mindset.

Because I am my companion, I have the strength to use everything that comes my way internally and externally to make me a better person.

If you are not yet living from this empowered state, my deepest desire is to support you. We are all in this together.

~ Serena