Companion Building© is a service I developed which helps people become their own greatest support system. Creating this inner safety is of great significance because it not only boosts our personal realities but the collective global reality as well.

The world is rapidly evolving, and the time is now for each of us to align with our highest health, passions, inspirations and joy. Establishing this new relationship with self can bring miraculous resolve to the myriad of issues you may be having within the realms of career, finances, personal crisis, relationships, health, leadership, addiction and personal goals.

I specialize in providing support towards alchemizing life's largest challenges and roadblocks into new frontiers of growth, health and expansion. Let's join together and co-create new miraculous, enjoyable realities for ourselves and the planet as a whole. 

We are all in this together.

~ Serena

“Serena is so genuine, simple and direct, yet so magical, profound and elegant.

Even after having just had a baby, and feeling the immense love and joy that comes with it, I seemed to have lost all the meaning in my life. Nothing made any sense anymore, and I didn't know how to get back to the place where it did. I was lost.

After just two sessions with her, I started feeling my place in the universe again. I was able to see the meaning in the big things, but more importantly, the little things that are only noticed when one is fully present. This is what I truly longed for. I feel connected to life again.

She spoke what my heart was saying, that my ears couldn't hear. She listened to the depths of my soul, without me being able to speak it. Thank you.”

Lumen Bloom

“In just two sessions with Serena I have been guided to more understanding and healing than I have with handfuls of therapy sessions. Serena provides undivided attention and connection throughout her practice to provide the absolute best guidance. She is soft with her words and not only helps you to feel through your emotions, but will feel them with you. I am so thankful that our paths have crossed on my healing journey.”

Faith Curtiss

“Serena has been an incredible aid in my healing journey. The sessions I have had with her have given me clarity I could not have even imagined getting.

Each time I work with her I am reminded of who I am, and the voice within that sometimes feels silent grows much stronger.

Serena has helped me become closer with myself. How to hear what my higher self is really saying, and then how to begin truly listening. I believe that she was a very necessary part of my path and I am extremely grateful for the times that I have worked with her. I cannot recommend her enough."

Kindra Reiter